Tape Transfers

We have backed up over 10k hours worth of footage in the last 10 years

With time video tapes deteriorate and become un-watchable. If they are left in the wrong conditions they can gather mould, the cases break, the tape can become brittle and break apart.
Once your memories are transferred to DVD or MP4, the video quality will NEVER deteriorate and you can preserve your family memories for your next generation.
Our processes are unlike most companies in the market. 
We do not just do a direct copy of your media to the wanted format via a VHS / DVD combo recorder
We transfer your tapes / film directly into computers via high-end capture cards to restore the quality to the highest resolution of the tape. 
We do not use cheap USB capture dongles. 
We deliver an extra standard service when dealing with your media.
We also deal with the cleaning up of your footage.
 This includes taking out black / blue / white noise and any unwanted TV shows or movies.
At the end your footage will come out in either a DVD or MP4 format at a higher bit rate than standard to keep the quality.
Video Editing is available at $80hr

Prices start from $12*

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We scan your Super8 & 8mm film at 1080p

A Camcorder with memories on it is never a good one.
We can transfer all your movie files and put them safely on a USB / DVD or Hard Drive 

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